Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Praises Four Poster Bed Paint Trick

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen was so impressed with Jon’s ‘post-modernist four poster bed’ paint trick on Interior Design Masters, that he reckons ‘the entire nation’ will soon embrace this decorating technique in their own bedrooms.

In the first episode of series two of Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr, the aspiring designers were tasked by head judge and former Elle Decoration editor-in-chief, Michelle Ogundehin, to decorate two rooms of a show home.

The designers, working in pairs, each had a living room or bedroom to work with where they had to transform these spaces to appeal to a wide range of potential purchasers. These high-end contemporary homes in Oxford have the potential to sell for £1 million, so each room had to be sophisticated and aspirational.

‘Interior design makes me feel alive, my heart beats. You know when you’re stuck in a lift and the whole thing drops? It’s that feeling that I get inside,’ said retail executive Jon Burns, who was paired with architect Lynsey for the show homes task.

interior design masters with alan carr, series two jon's bedroom makeover


Declaring that he was going to ‘own the pink’, Jon’s bedroom design included nude pink paint on the walls and ceiling, complemented with a green colour block feature wall on opposite sides. Leading into the bedroom would be a soft nude pink wallpaper composed of overlapping angular shapes in metallic gold.

Jon – who described his style as theatrical and dramatic – went with his ‘gut instinct’ and decided to extend the green feature wall up to the ceiling and across by 50cm, while also rearranging the position of the bed.

interior design masters with alan carr, series two jon's bedroom makeover


interior design masters with alan carr, series two jon's bedroom makeover


‘The idea is, it gets the bed in, it gets the pillows in, the cushions and the bedside table, so it feels like it’s a canopy over that, so it kind of frames it,’ Jon explained.

Once it was time to judge Jon’s bedroom makeover, design expert Michelle said: ‘I’m feeling that this is really tightly pulled together. I think he’s shown you what you can do with some very, very simple moves because we’ve seen kind of really full-on treatments behind the bed and panelling and lighting, and he’s created exactly the same effect using paint, but been clever enough to also take it up over the ceiling.’

interior design masters with alan carr, series two jon's bedroom makeover


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In agreement, Laurence said: ‘He’s kind of given us a post-modernist four poster bed. Listen, the entire nation is going to be doing this soon. It’s such a smart thing to do. You would never know that underneath Jon beats this heart of Joan Collins.’

Michelle said Jon had ‘restrained himself’ by using the ‘quite bonkers wallpaper’ on a limited area of the bedroom. ‘He’s allowed this to be really quite cool and he’s not even overplayed the wall opposite the bed. I mean, I think it’s very well considered,’ she added.

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Erica Wakerly


• Green paint: Forest Symphony by Valspar

• Lighting from

• Pink wall and ceiling colour matched by Valspar to the wallpaper.

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