Indian-inspired Wall Decor for the Home

it can even be directly printed onto the wall.

Interior decorating transforms a house into a home and it comes in many forms, including wall decor.

It is a way to express yourself and if you are trying to give it an Indian-inspired look, there are a number of ways that will make your home look elegant and inviting.

From minimalistic to having ornaments, people like to implement their own style.

India is a place filled with a rich culture and there is a lot of decor which highlights that.

Wall decor in particular is becoming more popular within the home.

From artwork to mirrors, there are different types of wall decor that will spruce up any room no matter the style you’re looking to achieve.

With so much to choose from, here is a selection of wall decor options to consider for the home.

Madhubani Paintings

Indian-inspired Wall Decor for the Home - madhubani

For those who love art and looking for some authentic Indian wall decor, you cannot go wrong with an authentic Madhubani painting in the house.

Madhubani art or Mithila paintings originated in the Madhubani district of Bihar around 2,500 years ago.

Traditionally, they were created by the women of various communities in the area.

It is a style that is done with a variety of tools, including fingers, twigs, brushes and matchsticks. Colours tend to be derived from natural sources, typically plants.

Paintings were traditionally done on mud walls and floors but they are now seen on cloth and canvas.

Though this painting style has lasted for centuries, the type of designs largely remains the same. Most paintings depict people and natural objects in an eye-catching geometric design.

Normally, Madhubani paintings are created to mark a special day but they will also be an appealing piece of decor in the home.

Since no white space is left in a painting, a framed Madhubani artwork in the living room will inject some colour into the space.

Henna Wall Art

Indian-inspired Wall Decor for the Home - henna

Henna is typically known for its body art capabilities but it can also be used to decorate the home.

This famous Indian tradition has made its way into mainstream fashion and has even become an innovative decor idea, thanks to imaginative households.

It is an ancient art form that involves paisley designs and floral work.

A great way to give your home an Indian theme is to have henna mural art in the centre of a plain wall, giving it an instant lift.

It can be a framed piece of art or it can even be directly printed onto the wall.

For those who prefer a printed henna design, some use a bold block print as a focal wall in a bedroom or living room while others prefer to make a statement by using a more colourful wallpaper.

It will definitely be noticed but you do not want to overpower the room.

For a minimalist feel, use neutral colours. It will be a sophisticated look with a Desi touch.

Mandala Tapestry

Indian-inspired Wall Decor for the Home - tapestry

For those wanting a statement wall decor option, this mandala tapestry is perfect.

The mandala art form is popular within Indian culture, comprising of vibrant colours and a geometric configuration of symbols.

This handmade design features a circular pattern filled with intricate details.

Blues, greens, browns and reds make up the colours and it gives off regal vibes.

It adds a lot of brightness to any given room and spreads very positive energy.

The imperfections such as size, colour and misprint give it an authentic look, living up to its handmade nature.

While this tapestry is great as a piece of wall decor, it also makes for a bedspread, meaning it is a versatile option to go for.

Whatever use you have for a mandala tapestry, it is a fantastic addition to the home.

Metal Mirrored Wall Art

Indian-inspired for the Home - mirrored

This metal mirrored wall art is sure to be a focal point in any room and its Indian-inspired pattern gives it a Desi feel.

This particular wall decor comes as a set of four and each piece features a unique geometric pattern.

The patterns are intricate, meaning they will attract the eye of any visitors to your home.

It has a metal frame design and finished in gold paint.

The combination gives the home a rustic but royal feel, especially when pairing with metallic ornaments.

As each piece is separate, they can be positioned to suit your living space however you like.

They may look simple but this wall decor option will add some sparkle to the home.

Handpainted Mirror

Indian-inspired for the Home - mirror

A mirror is a great wall decor option, especially in different rooms throughout the home.

This handpainted mirror features a colourful frame in a traditional Rajasthani design.

It features floral paintings using bright greens and yellows.

A red pattern adds an injection of brightness while the light blue background provides a nice balance to the mirror.

As it is handpainted, there are inconsistencies such as the paintwork not being solid throughout.

But that adds to the authenticity of the wall decor and gives it an antique feel.

This would be an ideal piece to have in a home where there is an old fashioned style. It is practical and will guarantee vibrancy.

Architecture Frames

Indian-inspired for the Home - frame

One thing India is known for is its centuries-old temples. More specifically, the intricate designs are what most people notice.

As they are unique marvels, many people have adapted the stunning carvings into all sorts of things and that includes decor.

Indian architecture frames are a wall decor option to go for, but clocks and other wall hangings will give the home a sense of identity as well.

Many temple-inspired decorations are framed in sculpted wood and finished with regal colours like gold and silver.

Having such decorations is bound to be one of the first things that visitors notice and they are certain to make your home a little more Indian.

Peacock Wall Hanging

Indian-inspired for the Home - peacock

Wall hangings or wall art have really picked up in popularity over the last decade or so.

This peacock wall hanging, in particular, is a great Indian-inspired option to consider.

It is a wooden carving that is eye-catching and can tie a room together.

The blue and gold tones are very regal and warm.

The colour combination would look great against a grey, white or cream wall as the contrast in colours would emphasise the peacock decoration.

It is the perfect pop of colour and culture into your home.

These Indian-inspired wall decor ideas will bring any room to life and make it more inviting.

Whether it is something subtle or something bold, there are many wall decor options that will add a Desi touch to your home.