How to spice up your kitchen | The New Times

The kitchen is known as ‘the heart of the home.’ It is where meals and memories are created, especially with the modern kitchen that at times compounds with the dining area too.

Unlike the past where it was solely spared for cooking, the kitchen has slowly transformed into a mini living space where families and friends gather over home cooked meals for fun and laughter. 


It’s, therefore, important to find ways of keeping this space fresh and appealing, and this calls for extra effort.


Add colour


Whereas white is known to be the best choice for the kitchen, especially small ones, adding some bit of colour can do wonders too. For one who wants a makeover without renovating, adding colour is the best way to spice things up in the kitchen. You can repaint your cabinets with bright colours such as red or yellow. Bold colours can also work for those who don’t like shiny spaces.

Hang pendant lights

These have the ability to make any kitchen stand out. Pendant lights offer both function and style yet they add beauty to the space at the same time. It is recommended to select shades that flow with your kitchen style and lighting needs.

Flowers and foliage

Chic Home Life, an interior décor website shows that flowers and foliage are an irreplaceable addition to any home. No room would be complete without a touch of something green to feel a little closer to nature and to care for it. You can bring decorative flowers to your kitchen, or keep a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers in a vase, but a few planted herbs on your windowsill or countertops simply belong in the kitchen. Plus, you will have your fresh herbs, like basil, cilantro or oregano for the cooking, and your kitchen will smell amazing.

Natural materials

Nothing will bring warmth and cosiness to your home like a touch of wood, the website shows. Same goes for the kitchen. Wood can go a long way, from modern style bar stools to refined cutting boards polished to perfection for a sophisticated look, to rustic storage boxes or kitchen doors for a farmhouse inspired kitchen decor. Of course, you can decide how far you want to go and what colour would suit you. Again, dark mahogany floors will provide a contrast which is a significant enhancement, but for a more subtle touch, and if you wish to include more wood items into your kitchen, like dining tables and chairs, opt for a softer colour of wood, like different shades of beech, or walnut.

Bring in new appliances 

For a spiced up new look, one can choose to enhance their kitchen space by bringing in new appliances. Nothing augments a kitchen like a new set of china or glasses. You can also choose to add beautiful items such as a vase or fruit basket on countertops to make them more appealing. 

Add wallpaper

Wallpaper is one piece of decoration that never goes out of style. It also has the flexibility when it comes to choice of design, and it is easy to change for as many times as you want which isn’t the case with painting. Choosing the right option for you will depend on the type of pattern you want.

Also, it is always a good idea to have art in the kitchen. These pieces can add colour in your kitchen space. Art works, chosen per individual style, can be as appealing in the kitchen as they would when put in other spaces such as the living room or elsewhere.

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