How to invest in real estate remotely with Roofstock

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought countless hardships around the world in the last year, there are definitely a lot of changes that many of us can benefit from.

Whether that’s spending more time with your loved ones, working remotely from home or even saving (and making!) money. One drastic difference is the cost of real estate — making it the perfect time to invest in a property and build your wealth. 

If you’re interested in buying a home (that’s likely why you clicked on this article), you probably have a good idea of whether or not you can afford a property in your area. If the answer is no, there’s no reason to give up quite yet. 

With the help of Roofstock, you can invest in properties down the street or across the nation since the process is done entirely online. 

Roofstock is a company that allows individuals to invest in real estate (whether you’re buying or selling), with a large focus on single-family homes in a simple, accessible and cost-effective manner. 

“Our platform lets everyone from first-time investors to global asset managers evaluate, purchase and own residential investment properties with confidence from anywhere in the world,” the company, that launched in 2015, stated on its website. “Since launch, we’ve surpassed $2 billion in transactions and continue to disrupt the industry with cutting edge technology and innovations.”

Roofstock’s platform offers many benefits that you wouldn’t get elsewhere, including a unique 30-day money-back guarantee and help from experienced professionals to help you through the entire process and invest with ease. 

One aspect of Roofstock that sets it apart from competitors is that you don’t have to be an accredited investor to get started. 

Here’s how Roofstock works

After investors choose a property from the marketplace (in any area around the world), they can get financial assistance or purchase it with all cash, title the place in their name and then get matched with a vetted property manager that will handle day-to-day responsibilities like maintenance and tenanting. The best part: Because these rental homes usually already have tenants living there or are move-in ready, investors will get cash-flow as soon as they close on the house. 

It’s free to join and view any property they’re interested in (with no hidden fees!), and Roofstock’s search parameter tools are super easy to set up and use to find the perfect place with the best possible deal. 

While Roofstock doesn’t make being an accredited investor a requirement, the company also offers a second investing option called Roofstock One, which does require the individual to be an accredited investor. This investing opportunity is different, because it allows you to purchase shares of fully managed rental homes with an offering of one-tenth of the property’s equity. Investors pay an additional fee and get economic rights for the home (including tax benefits, net rental income and appreciation) without the responsibilities of being a landlord. 

Hundreds of investors have reported great success with Roofstock, too. 

“Living in a high-priced real estate market, the only way to become an RE [Real Estate] investor for me personally was by investing out of state,” said one reviewer on the site. “Roofstock’s platform provided me with a roadmap to become an out of state RE investor with confidence. I waited 10 years to buy my first investment property and within 8 months after finding Roofstock, I’m on my third property.”

Roofstock “makes it super easy on me. It’s almost as easy as buying something on Amazon,” said another loyal investor. 

“Roofstock does much of the legwork to get you started down this [real estate investing] path … They have done so much of the preliminary work for you when normally you would have to pull this all together yourself,” one person raved. 

Onother reviewer went so far as to declare Roofstock’s “online marketplace is a dream come true for property investors!”

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a rental property, perhaps consider this your sign to give it a go. Roofstock is a way to get your feet wet and discover all the ways real estate can benefit your future and help build your wealth. 

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