How to decorate with things you use- kitchen edition

If you appreciate a simple, minimal kitchen but aren’t opposed to a bit of decor here and there, here are just a few options to make the most of the things that you actually use rather than introducing extra clutter into your space. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Glass jars for food: If you have open shelving and don’t mind having things on display, you can always decant your dry goods into glass jars and use these as a form of decoration in your kitchen. Pasta, rice and dried fruit are the perfect candidates to pop into these receptacles, plus you will know at a single glance what you need to top up on at your next shop. 

Bowl of fruit: If you have a lot of counter space, a bowl of fruit can add a pop of colour to your kitchen and it also encourages your family to pick up a piece when they pass too- doubling up on the perks! Again, having all your fruit in this central location means you can see what you need to add to your shopping list without having to dig around in the fridge. 

Soap dispenser: Rather than putting up with a branded bottle on your countertop, swap this out for something more attractive and in keeping with your colour scheme that you can simply refill with your usual choice of soap. Getting something that will match with your existing decor to help it all tie in together and give it a more polished look.

Fresh herbs: If you enjoy cooking and like to use fresh herbs why not make a feature out of them by showcasing them along your windowsill? They will add a touch of nature to your kitchen area and having them in front of you will remind you to water them and take better care of them than you would by stuffing them in a drawer in the fridge. 

Cookery books: Cookery books are one of the easiest things you can do to add some interest to your space- just as long as you don’t have a small library’s worth! Their colourful spines look great stacked up or lined up in a row on a shelf and they are easily accessible for when you want to grab one to make your favourite dish. 

Utensils: If you are an avid cook and need everything to be close at hand, you could slide all of your larger utensils like spatulas and serving spoons into an attractive vase rather than putting them in your drawers. This would free up some drawer space if you are in need of a little extra room, while making a focal point around the cooker with these everyday items. Just be sure not to let it get out of hand and regularly review what’s inside as this has the potential to get messy quickly. 

Pans: If you have spent a lot on your pan collection- why hide them away? If you have an island in the middle of your kitchen you can always hang them from a frame above this or choose your favourite and keep this on the hob permanently to add a new texture and shape to the space. 

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If you read every night- one quick and easy decor solution is to leave your book on your night stand. This simple and small item will draw the eye to this area but won’t overwhelm the space- unlike a pile of books- just the one you’re reading right now is enough! You could even pop your glasses on there for an extra touch. Should anyone see your bedroom when you are giving a guest a house tour for instance- it makes for a great conversation piece…

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