‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Once Showed Off Her Hidden Talent to Fans, and It’s Not Home Design Related

HGTV fans already know Home Town host Erin Napier is extremely talented. The popular host transforms properties alongside her husband, Ben Napier, in the couple’s native city of Laurel, Mississippi. Their renovation skills are so good they landed them a successful series on HGTV.

But Erin’s skills extend beyond home renovation and staging. In the past, she shared a little-known talent she’s been working on for decades.


There’s simply no escaping the impact Chip and Joanna Gaines made on HGTV. After the star Fixer Upper hosts decided to step away from their series, network execs scrambled to find a worthy replacement. The Napiers easily picked up where the Gaineses left off.

Home Town is not exactly like Fixer Upper even if they look similar. Overall, Erin has a more colorful, “maximalist” design style that’s been described as “granny chic” while Joanna is associated with a modern farmhouse aesthetic. But both women take on renovations in quaint, Southern small towns with tons of charm. And they both work alongside their husbands to get the home reno projects done.

The Napiers have earned an impressive following on HGTV. Home Town is now one of the most-watched shows on the network. The Napiers have made a name for themselves beyond Fixer Upper.

Erin Napier from ‘Home Town’ is a talented singer, too

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Erin has a true eye for design and for restoring charm to outdated properties. But she’s not just an interior designer — she’s also a talented vocalist. The Home Town host shared on Instagram about how important music is to her.

“When I was 14, I started playing music at the coffee house in downtown Laurel to earn my money,” Erin wrote in her Instagram post. “I did that until I graduated high school, when my interests in art just kind of edged out my interest in music, and @scotsman.co still mourns it, always asking me to sing him a song. It just wasn’t where my heart was anymore. It’s been so long since I played. At least a year.”

The accompanying video showed her singing “You Are My Sunshine” while playing the guitar. Fans couldn’t believe how good she sounded.

The HGTV host still sings for her daughter, Helen Napier

Erin Napier visits the Build Studio in New York City

Erin Napier from ‘Home Town’ | Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Erin posted her song in 2016 and hasn’t talked about music much since. But having a child has inspired her to explore her singing talents a little more, especially since her daughter Helen is allegedly a fan of her mother’s voice.

“I’ve not picked up my guitar in so long, but Helen loves this one and it would do y’all good to know it too. I’m rusty, forgetting chords, but it still feels good to sing a song,” she wrote alongside a video of herself singing “Something to Love” by Jason Isbell.

Fans are hoping Helen inspires Erin to keep singing and posting videos to her channel. It goes along nicely with the Home Town renovation content to create the idyllic family dynamic HGTV fans love to see.

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