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What are you doing with your yard?  Do you want to implement water saving, nutrition boosting and pollution reducing practices in your landscape?  Do you want attractive, efficient herb and veggie boxes and horticultural plantings?  What about a cut flower garden?  

I can help you explore options and practices that can significantly reduce your footprint by following Permaculture concepts in garden processes and design.  I assess soil quality and encourage the microbial engine that frees up nutrients in the soil so fertilizing can be cut in half.  This improves soil fertility and reduces watershed impacts.

Maybe a small Pergola with Trumpet Vine and Cherry Tree along the footpath?

If you thought yes, then consider my garden services.  I can show you how to create synergy between the garden, the kitchen and your health.  

Strawberries, Sweet Peas, Spinach and Kale are ready to go now. 

Oregano is one of many medicinal plants and easy to grow.  There are medicinal compounds in Thyme as well.  Plant milkweed, seed wildflowers consider a small fish pond or bird bath.  Even small projects can really make and give an inviting aesthetic.

Maybe it’s time to get busy with a smart greenhouse.  The possibilities are endless.  Children love the ponds and transplanting.  Place a custom order for seedling transplants. 

I base most of my recommendations from a least toxic perspective. I can help you restore old landscapes and plantings or come up with a fresh new look.  I have been promoting sustainable landscape practices in the area for over 15 years and My commitment to organic gardening practices comes from a desire to reduce and eliminate carcinogens and other toxins from the home and garden.  Round Up Herbicide contains  Glyphosate, a carcinogen sprayed around playgrounds and your home if you don’t pay attention and let them.  Pesticides have been implicated in neurological abnormalities in children and adults.  I do not use or recommend air blowers, they should be outlawed.

I now also perform toxin audits for your kitchen, garden and home chemicals and cleaning supplies and show you how to limit pollution from your property into the watershed.  I can help you design an enchanting, intimate retreat in your yard for relaxation and clearing your mind.  I encourage small ponds that tie into the landscape and plantings.  I strive to increase biodiversity in the neighborhood one design at a time.  And, another aspect is to educate all ages with demonstrations and get teens into dirt digging holes, turning compost and building ponds.

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