Home design priorities change after COVID-19

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – The workers at Wausau Homes noticed when business started picking back up last year that there was a change in the way customers wanted to customize their living space.

“When the typical family that normally is out and about all the time is now kind of hunkered down at home you’re kind of uncovering that the pure functionality of the home isn’t fitting the current environment that we’re in,” said Senior Business Development Manager Paul Pagel.

Because homes have had to pull double, or even triple, duty as offices and classrooms the past year, people are realizing that having no way to close off space is no longer efficient.

“Do I say it’s shifted gears from the open concept to, I don’t want to say closed, but year we are seeing that with the more functionality on that closed section,” Pagel said.

He says home offices are also taking on a more professional look and use.

“Home offices have always kind of been a thing, but now they’re functioning home offices where the home office before was quote unquote a crafting room or a reading room but now it’s not as much that as extreme functionality,” he said.

He predicts that the trend may be around for a while. Despite the fact that vaccines are becoming more widespread and the world is opening back up, we’ve learned that the need for multi-purpose homes is a definite possibility.

“Now, a lot things came at the average person the last year and a half to make you think about things that you normally didn’t think about.”

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