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Even though the benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp are yet to be scientifically proven, they are still a great addition to the décor of a house. The salt lamp exudes a natural, almost-magical vibe with its crystal built and its warm glow is a treat to the eyes. Himalayan salt lamps are essentially a chunk of rock salt mined from the Himalayas and they are hollowed out to allow space for a light bulb or heating element. When turned on, they give off a soft, red glow that is soothing and relaxing. Apart from their natural construction and alleged benefits, these pink-hued lamps are perfect for decoration on coffee tables, bedside tables, mantels and more. If you are looking for a salt lamp for your home and want to explore some varieties, our picks will certainly help you make a sound decision. Check them out below:
Himalayan Salt Lamp with price:

Product Price
Electric Himalayan salt lamp Rs 5,499 -1,449
Natural shaped Himalayan Rock Salt lamp Rs 615
6 kg Himalayan salt lamp Rs 3,150 – 1,599
Rock salt lamp with touch light Rs 2,999 – 1,399
Plug-in Himalayan rock salt lamp Rs 999 – 445

This salt lamp comes accompanied by a set of bulbs and a dimmer switch that will allow you to dim the lamplight as per your preference. The soft glow of the lamp will be comforting and relaxing and would make your rooms inviting.

The lamp can be used as a bedside table lamp too.

This natural-shaped, crystal lamp will look stunning in your bedroom or living room. The rock salt lamp is naturally sourced from the salt mines located in the Himalayan region.

The salt lamp comes in a wooden triangle basket with Himalayan salts chunks, a bulb & an electric cord.

This Himalayan pink rock salt lamp is carved from natural rock salt and would be a wonderful addition to your tabletops. The lamp comes with a set of bulbs, a power cord and bulb holders.

With these features, you will be able to use the lamp instantly.

This Himalayan rock salt lamp comes with a container body, a touch light switch and a USB cable that can be plugged into an adapter or any other power source. The LED light can be turned on and off with a single touch and a long press will allow you to adjust brightness.

The salt rocks come packed separately.

This plug-in rock salt lamp is a compact and portable lamp that can be used in any room and carried for camping and other activities as well. The plug-in feature allows this lamp to be a nightlight in a kid’s room and as decorative lighting in any other room.

The lamp weighs 385 grams.

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