Heather Takes Us Back To The Home & Garden Show

In today’s Flashback February, Heather is taking us back to the 2019 Home & Garden Show!

Video Transcript

All right, welcome back, everybody. This week is Flashback February week on PTL, when team PTL takes a look back at the fun we’ve had covering stories for you when we could still get out, and go to events, and meet with people, and do all that kind of stuff. So we have been looking back at some of our absolute favorite moments from pre-pandemic times. So I picked our interview with Ted Danson, and also making macaroons.

Yes, you did.

I just love being able to say that again. It’s a fun word, isn’t it? All right, Selena pegged her tap dancing interview, and even put on her tapping shoes for the flashback.

And yesterday, Mikey took us back to Kindred Spirits Rescue Ranch, a wonderful farm in Beaver County. Today, I look back at a pretty pregnant Heather cruising around the Home and Garden Show with this guy. Take a look.

I think this should be the new PTL clubhouse.

I think that’s a wonderful idea.


David, I heard about this chair. You have to give this a try.

All right.

Not me, but you.

OK, all right. This is the chair that you’re not supposed to be able to fall out of, right?

You can’t fall out of it.

OK, let’s see. Oh! Oh, no, but I’m not falling out.


David, I need a massage at all times of the day.

I think you’re in luck. Take a look at these. Let’s give them a try.

Oh, my goodness.

Full body massage. Oh, here we go.

Oh, where are we going? Wow.


We’ve got to try this out.

Absolutely. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get out of it, but– oh, jeez. Oh.


Ooh. I went down.



Oh, is that fun.


These are really fun. Like, can’t you imagine, like, just lounging out back.

Oh, and [INAUDIBLE].

Maybe with a beer in hand. Or a cosmo.

Or a cosmo. It is by far the biggest chair that we have found. Can you get back out? Oh.


One last seat. I got to try this one out.

David, I didn’t know you could play.

Oh, just watch.


I am impressed, David.

I’m a man of many talents.


I think we have to go back now.

All right, I guess I’m done.



It was so much fun.

My little scam is over now.

That was a great time. One of my favorite memories from the Home and Garden Show, though, was, actually, I was with Jill. We were taping something, and I thought that there was glass over top of this water display, and I went to step on it and stepped right into the pond of water. I had to walk around the home and garden show soaking wet.

With one foot wet– or one wet leg.

It was so bad.

And that was 2019. That was two years ago.

Yes. Yeah.

Well, remember, the Home and Garden Show is coming back this year to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Yeah, it’s going to be a little bit later than normal. Usually, it’s in March. It’s scheduled right now for April 9th through the 18th.

Yeah, and stay with us because coming up, it’s Ron’s turn to flashback to his favorite PTL memory. That’s coming up in this hour.