Gill Out: The Namu: Korean kitchen & izakaya

The Namu 

10317 Royal Palm Blvd Coral Springs, FL 33065 



At one point in time, I was getting a bit tired of the mainstream restaurants that seemed to become the staple of how I spent my Saturday nights. I was in the mood to eat something different and more local. I wanted to visit a restaurant that had a different vibe and had foods that I’d actually be eager to try. Thankfully, I found a Korean restaurant called The Namu.


I went with one of my closest friends, and we were so eager to try Korean food for the first time. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot and exited the car, we smelled the delicious aroma of the food inside. It smelled incredible.


The restaurant itself was split into two different sections. One section was a more family-friendly dining area with more subtle decoration and the other section was a bar that looked like it was more for a night out with friends. My friend and I sat at the bar and the decor was amazing. It had posters of Korean and Japanese singers and movies. It also had really pretty lighting with red and green LED lamps. There was K-pop music playing in the background and K-pop stand-up posters in the corners of the bar. (My friend and I are K-pop fans, so we really liked the decor). 


The menu had several meals to choose from that represented Korean and Asian fusion cuisine. We ordered a series of items just so we could say we’ve tried them. 


We ordered seafood tteokbokki, chicken fried rice, pajeon and black bean noodles, but our favorite was the Korean fried chicken. We ordered the super spicy flavor and it was amazing. It had a lot of flavor and it filled us up pretty quickly. 


One thing about The Namu’s food is that it’s a bit pricey. Entrees range from $12-$20. However, the portions are enormous,  so you’re getting a good amount of food for the amount you’re spending. All the food we ordered came out to about $75, but it was so worth it. All the food was freshly made and it was a pleasant first experience with Korean cuisine. 


Overall, the food was amazing and the service was excellent. The employees made us feel welcome and our waiter basically became our friend by the end of our stay — he was so nice. The Namu was a great place to eat and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a satisfactory place to eat Korean food.