Gain more counter space and other tips

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Gain more counter space and other tips

Kitchen countertop space is valuable. It’s frustrating to run out of room while cooking a meal. Here are six things recommends removing to declutter your kitchen and free up counter space: 

• Décor. First, get rid of decoration that serve no purpose in the kitchen. Vases, candles, picture frames and small sculptures can all take up a lot of room and make cooking more difficult than it needs to be. 

• Fruit bowls. Though they look pretty, fruit bowls provide little function and require tons of space. Move these to your dining table as centerpiece instead. 

• Cake stands. These and other serving platters should be stored away, in a cabinet or hutch, unless actively in use. 

• Spices. “Those who have designated a corner of the kitchen countertops as the home for spices might have noticed that collection has grown, creating a cluttered mess,” according to “If it helps to see spices, consider purchasing some acrylic shelves (available on Amazon) for spices and mounting them on a wall or inside a kitchen cabinet for quick access.”