Fun And Unique Ways To Decorate Your Walls

fun ways to decorateArt can transform your living room and your entire house into a beautiful haven if you know how to decorate your walls. Instead of just letting your walls remain bare and unexciting, you can add some adventure into your house that will bring out your personality and taste and create a long-lasting statement. Decorating your walls need not be a complex affair. There are so many fun, easy, and unique ways to transform your space into a beauty. One of these ways is using metal prints that you hang on your wall without having to hammer holes on your wall now and then. Here are some more interesting ways of decorating your walls.

  1.   Consider Large-Scale Art

Large-scale art is suitable for both large and small spaces. If you have a small room, an oversized painting or photograph would be appropriate to set your space’s tone and theme by commanding attention. It is the first thing you see when you step into your room. Choose a strategic position in the room for the artwork to dominate your space. Let the artwork colour be minimal but match it with your furniture.

  1.   Group Your Artwork

Grouping your artwork is another excellent way of decorating your space. You can find pictures that have a particular message and hang them together. A popular method is hanging three images that have a specific theme together. You can have more than three, but the less, the better to avoid having your wall look super busy. With metal magnetic prints, you can always adjust these pictures to your liking just to change their appearance.

  1.   Use Murals or Fabrics

Wall hangings or tapestry can also be a great addition to your space. Fabrics especially make your area look softer and warm. You can frame these fabrics, such as vintage scarves or any other beautiful textiles that you may have. You can hang these textiles not only on walls, but also as curtains. The materials and fabrics have an advantage over paintings since you can move or adjust them easily.

  1.   Hang Mirrors

Another smart way of adding beauty to your space is incorporating mirrors to your room. Mirrors reflect light making small spaces seem bigger and brighter. You should ensure that you place the mirrors at strategic places to accentuate the light in the room and illuminate other artwork. You can either use a few big mirrors or small ones placed strategically.

  1.   Add Some Plants

Plants can bring a new dimension to your decoration. Instead of hanging pictures and paintings, you can hang small plants next to your artwork to make your decorations look more natural. You can also use climbing or crawling plants like the money plant attaching it to a string and having it crawl on your wall.

  1.   Mount Your Television

Instead of placing your television on a stand, you can instead choose to mount it on your wall. Hanging your TV on the wall not only frees up space but also enhances the decorations on your wall.