Five Home Improvement Trends That Will Inspire Your Remodeling Project




Home has taken on a whole new level of meaning. With restaurant dining and vacation travel down, more money was put into home renovations than ever before. The home improvement industry experienced a 10{e41d5a0df0c888fd9de3d970fd27b1e84b5ed5fef9cdbc0805e2ccc9025135a4} increase in 2020 – when usual growth is only about 2{e41d5a0df0c888fd9de3d970fd27b1e84b5ed5fef9cdbc0805e2ccc9025135a4} annually! At Florida Design Works, we watch trends closely to ensure we are delivering the best home improvement solutions. From kitchens, to baths, to outdoor spaces, we are keeping up with the latest in design and decorating. Trend #1: Livable luxury. Make sure the tile, cabinetry, countertops and flooring you chose will enhance your lifestyle. Trend #2: Love, or hate, trendy colors. This year’s pantone color combination is gray and “illuminating” – or what most call yellow. It’s fun to watch color trends – but it might not be fun to repaint, retile, or redecorate in a few years because the color trend changes. Trend #3: Dark hues are back. Big, open living spaces can be broken up or offered a special focal point such as herringbone mosaic tile in a dark aqua. Trend #4: Durability is key. We are “living” in our homes more than ever and materials should be useable – and smart. Slow-close cabinetry isn’t new, but it’s very popular for a reason. Trend #5: Geometry and pattern keeps it interesting. Postmodern styling is back with porcelain tiles in geometric shapes, a great addition to any plain white space. Want more trends? Follow us on or visit our Sarasota showroom.

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