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Both indoor and outdoor spaces require lighting for creating a habitable and inviting atmosphere for lounging. If all your lighting fixtures have started to look dated and boring, go for the diffused, ethereal lighting option for paper lamps and lanterns. Paper lanterns have an artisanal appeal that will surely upgrade the look of your living space. These lamps look especially ethereal in outdoor settings like balconies, patios and more. Smaller versions of paper lanterns and lamps can be used indoors to produce a warm, diffused light that provides a soothing and homely illumination. There are multiple varieties of paper lamps available, ranging from rice paper lanterns to origami lamps that resemble the look of chandeliers. Check out our top picks below:

These white paper lamps are perfect for homes, function halls, cafes and restaurants. The globe-like paper lamps measure 12 inches in size. The lanterns are made with rice paper and include a versatile metal expander.

The lamps are also designed with electric cord for the light bulbs and other lighting options.

This paper lantern can be used with any hanging light source. The lanterns feature a splattered pattern that gives a textural, rustic appeal. The lamp is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The lamp measures 27 cm by 27 cm by 27 cm.

This paper lamp showcases a geometric origami design that looks sophisticated and artisanal. The lamp would be a perfect addition to a living room. The lamp can also be transformed into different shapes by the user.

The lampshade measures 23 cm by 23 cm by 23 cm.

This colourful paper lamp is perfect for decking up a balcony full of plants. The pink will perfectly contrast with the greenery and highlight the beauty of your natural surroundings. The lamp is crafted from handmade paper and can be added to other locations like the hallway, living room too.

The lamp measures 14 by 17 inches.

This set of floral printed lanterns are perfect for setting up a festive gathering or a party. Each lantern measures 16 inches and would be perfect for setting up a photo booth or decking an entrance.

The paper lanterns are foldable and easy to store.

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