Eight courses that will teach you how to fix and flip real estate properties for $30

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At the start of the pandemic, no one knew what would happen to the housing market. Today, we may be in the midst of an unprecedented boom as more people leave large cities behind to become first-time homeowners. As many companies are shifting towards permanent remote work, more affordable cities are attracting home buyers who would have otherwise remained in large urban areas.

This may lead to the biggest increase in homeownership that we’ve seen in over a decade. So if you’re feeling entrepreneurial, you’ll want to capitalize on this fast-growing market. To do that, you’ll have to learn the ins and outs of real estate investment, and this eight-course training bundle will teach you everything you need to know for just $29.99.

The Complete Real Estate Investing Bundle contains 14 hours of material that will teach you how to make a profit through fixing and flipping properties. Five courses are led by Ben Clardy, an Atlanta-based real estate expert who has been buying, flipping, and renting properties for 13 years. The final three are led by Khari Parker, a bestselling author and owner of a real estate company. Both of them share a passion for teaching finance and real estate, which brings us to the courses they’re sharing today.

If you don’t know anything about real estate, you should take Khari’s course, Real Estate Investing: Learn to Fix & Flip, Step by Step, first. Here, you’ll learn how to find deals on properties worth investing in, how to secure money from lenders, how to calculate profit and expenses, and how to hire contractors to renovate properties.

From here, you can dive deeper into the renovation process with Khari’s course, Real Estate Investing: Fix and Flip Property Walkthroughs, which will teach you how to identify improvements that are worth making. Alternatively, Ben’s course, Strategic Networking For Profitable Real Estate Deals, covers how to nurture professional leads that can lead to more investment property opportunities.

The real estate market has heated up, and you’ll need to be ready if you want to make a pretty penny off of it. The Complete Real Estate Investing Bundle can prepare you with eight top-rated courses, and it’s on sale right now for $29.99.

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