Living Room Decoration

  • Living Room Decoration

    Decorating a pink room: how to decorate with pink

    Too often, decorating a pink room is limited to girls’ bedrooms. This, we think, is a waste of a wonderful color that needn’t be solely thought of as feminine. In fact, used well, pink can be elegant, sultry, as an accent, as an enveloping shade, and even in a living room. If you are considering pink room ideas, it is worth seeking expert advice first, precisely because it isn’t the easiest color to get right if you are aiming for sophistication. Luckily, interior architect and designer – and a big fan of pink – Natalia Miyar shares her tips for putting a sophisticated spin on decorating with pink.  Here, she…

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    Family room ideas: 10 design rules for informal living room

    Family room ideas are the perfect spot for gathering as a household, entertaining and even a quiet spot of relaxation, therefore, it is imperative that we give the interior design of these spaces just as much consideration as we would the rest of the home.  While the first reception room may be the place for more formal living room ideas aimed at hosting guests, a family room is the part of the house where movie nights reign supreme, the kids can indulge in their favorite board games, and the whole family can relax in each other’s company.  If your home has just one dedicated family room, you’ll need to work…

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    How to Decorate a Living Room

    Photo: In many households, the living room is the heart of the home—a space where family gathers to spend time together and relax. While interior spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens have clear and defined purposes, the definition of a living room is a little more malleable. Some people use their living rooms to kick back and watch TV, while other homes feature formal living rooms that are reserved for entertaining. No matter what type of living space you’re hoping to create, these nine steps will ensure the space is welcoming and well-appointed. STEP 1: Take measurements and make a sketch of the room. The first step in any…

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    Best toy storage ideas for living rooms

    Which toy storage ideas for living rooms are best? Living rooms are the places we gather to watch TV, play games and have conversations. Most people like them to be neat, clean, organized and visually appealing.  The bigger the toy box, the more noticeable it will be in your living room so one solution is to disguise it. If you are looking for a toy box that is hidden beneath a bench that looks good with your living room decor, take a look at the Kidkraft Limited Edition Wooden Toy Box and Bench. What to know before you buy toy storage furniture for your living room There are three main…

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    21 Designer Meditation Room Ideas for Instant Destressing

    ERIN KELLY My New Year’s Resolutions for the past six years has been to commit to meditating as a form of mindful stress reduction. I’ve tried all the apps and even signed up for a few guided classes, and the habit just hasn’t stuck—but maybe it would if I had a dedicated room to do it in. Whether, you, too have a hard time sticking with meditating or you’re already a regular, the right environment will undoubtedly enhance the practice. So I found 20 meditation rooms from designers with plenty of ideas to help you decorate a corner, basement, spare room, or backyard shed into a wellness sanctuary. As you…

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    Mantel decor ideas: 10 tips for fireplace and mantelpieces

    Each time you gather round the fire in the coming months, mantel decor ideas will be at the heart of all these cozy, winter moments.   Interior design ideas for your mantel are all about adding an extra layer of visual warmth to your home as the weather gets colder, meaning that the fireplace should be a priority for a seasonal refresh.  Rethinking your living room or bedroom’s look for after the festive season is also about appreciating the beautiful natural changes happening outside the window, so be sure to sprinkle some seasonal magic in the form of nature-inspired color palettes, rustic textures and raw materials.  Mantel decor ideas  Whether…

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