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    At home | Dreamy Master Bedrooms | Life & Style Magazine

    by Angela Rowe Of Decorating Den Interiors Much more than just the place you sleep, today’s master bedroom should function as a truly personal in-home retreat.  Your bedroom is, or should be, a haven to escape the daily routines and a tranquil place to destress. Before diving into a new design, it is important to develop a decorating plan.  Besides sleeping, do you want a comfy chair to relax and read or maybe a desk for your daily journal entries?  If you enjoy watching TV in the bedroom, do you want to see it from a chair or just from the bed?  Without a major addition to the home, do…

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    8 Affordable Ways To Upgrade Your Primary Bedroom

    Breadmaker / Shutterstock.com The cost to re-furnish an entire bedroom can range from around $2,000 to $10,000 on average, but you can make smaller upgrades that have a large impact for a fraction of that price. If you’re on a budget, consider these affordable ways to upgrade your primary bedroom. More Tips: Here Are 34 Tips To Make Household Items LastLearn: Avoid These Home Renovation Horror Stories Change Out the Lighting “One of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your primary bedroom is to change the lighting,” said Andra DelMonico, interior design expert at Trendey. “Aim to add layers of light with multiple light sources. An easy way of doing…

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    How to decorate your Cambridge room

    Your study Instagram stories will never have looked better Now that the evenings are getting darker, it’s the perfect time to brighten up your room.  There will be plenty of bargains this Black Friday weekend on items you can give your room a makeover with.  So, here is the Tab’s ultimate guide to transforming your room from a glorified cupboard to something off a Pinterest board. Lighting My desk is starting to look like the Love Island villa Many student rooms have narrow windows, and overhead lights as harsh as a supervisor’s essay feedback.  Making the lighting in your room warmer will give it a cosier feel, plus give you…

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    9 ways to decorate with scalloped edges

    In BOH’s new series On Trend, we’re asking designers to share their favorite of-the-moment finds. Elegant yet energetic, scalloped edges and patterns are having a moment, and it’s not difficult to see why. A little bit wavy and a lot like arches, scalloped motifs reached peak popularity during the 1920s art deco movement and presently provide designers with a dash of geometric drama that still reads traditional. “Scallops are timeless and classic,” says designer Gray Walker. “Scallops can be overscale for drama and smaller scale for the preppy, playful look. The repetitive curves create movement [and] flirt with the piece they are anchored to.” Curious, we asked Walker and two…

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    Industrial bedroom decoration ideas – LoveBelfast

    Industrial rustic designs are becoming a common style in most home. The design exudes authenticity and simplicity which explains why it is loved by many. It gives you a chance to showcase different elements with different designs and textures in your room. The good thing about the industrial décor is that you can combine modern and traditional decoration ideas. Here are some famous industrial bedroom decoration ideas Get high ceilings Industrial interiors are famously known for having very high ceilings. This is a very popular design in factory loft spaces where the ceiling beams are exposed. A very popular industrial ceiling design is one you would find a wood pallet…

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