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One of the most basic steps for furnishing a room involves adding a curtain rod and curtains, and if planned well, they can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. A room-darkening curtain is perfect for light sleepers who need total darkness for a good night’s rest. Another bonus of room darkening or blackout curtains is that they also act as noise blockers and boost the energy efficiency of the room they’re hung in, by keeping it cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. While buying any kind of curtain, you should be sure about the measurement you need. Most door curtains measure 9 to 7 feet and most window curtains measure about 5 feet. To help you find the best room darkening curtains for your windows and doors, here are some of our recommendations:

These blackout curtains block out sunlight and harmful UV rays and also reduce outside noise while ensuring total privacy. The curtains also create an energy-saving insulating barrier against heat and cold, keeping the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The blackout curtains come in 2 panels made of innovative triple-weave fabric and will elegantly frame the windows with a sophisticated drape.

These blackout curtains come in a set of 2 and measure 9 feet. The curtains are tailored with stainless steel grommets that will remain rust-free even after years of use. These curtains will reduce energy costs by cutting the amount of sunlight and UV rays that enter your rooms and will also protect furniture and floors from sun damage and fading.


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The curtains measure 45 x 108 inches.

These readymade blackout curtains measure 4 feet in width and 5 feet in length. The curtains are tailored in velvet which feels silky and soft and elegant when hung from the curtain rod. These curtains are available in 6 colours which is suitable for any room decoration. Each curtain contains 8 silver grommets that have a large diameter of 1.6 inches. The grommet will fit well with all designs of curtain rods and will also remain rustproof.

These luxury room darkening velvet curtains provide 80{28ab41d673507bfe0daf970418d2e81f9476b3e139564442359ad7402c370b16} shield from sunlight, zero TV glare and absolute privacy for late sleepers and afternoon naps.

These blackout curtains feature an embossed design that looks exquisite. The curtains are available in three sizes-5 feet, 7 feet and 9 feet. The curtains have a luxurious look and soft feel that makes them an ideal addition to a bedroom or living room, for both aesthetic and room darkening functionality.

The curtains are digitally weaved with high definition quality thread.

These floral curtains will bring home a refreshing vibe and will also provide room darkening, noise reducing and insulating properties. The curtains are perfect for a kid’s room as well as common rooms like living rooms.

The curtains are machine-washable.

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