Best Valheim House Design Ideas

The level of design freedom in the Early Access game Valheim can be overwhelming. Using these design ideas as inspiration solves that problem.

Early Access Viking-afterlife survival game Valheim is having a moment. It is selling incredibly well, and is dominating Twitch channels. Valheim offers players a huge amount of freedom when it comes to building up their bases, but this level of creative freedom can be absolutely overwhelming for new players, leading to frustration. Here are some of the best Valheim design ideas – for both novices and veterans alike.

First things first, start small. Resources are scarce in Valheim, and players should not be wasting them on swanky housing – especially in the early game. It’s best to focus on the basics in the beginning. Use the hoe to level out some space for a floor, throw up four walls, and slap a roof down. It won’t be much to look at, but it’s an excellent place to start from. Also be sure to pay attention to the stability of the structure, and add in support beams where necessary. Once players have built up a stockpile of basic crafting resources – and maybe laid down a road or two across Valheim’s map – it’s time to upgrade and incorporate some fun and functional designs into their houses.

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An indoor fire is a must-have for serious Valheim players. The fireplace is crucial for surviving in the harsh world, and having one built indoors, protected from the elements, makes life just that much easier. The number one rule when placing a fireplace indoors in Valheim is to be aware of where the smoke will go, however.

Valheim House Design: Longhouse

A poorly ventilated home will result in death. A popular design to avoid this is to copy the real-world Vikings of old and recreate the vaulted ceilings of their longhouses. Unionrodent posted their take on these classic designs on the Valheim subreddit. Embracing the longhouse design can help players to cement what sort of style house they want, which will go a long way towards turning that makeshift house into a cozy home.

Valheim House Design: Log Cabin

Decoration and theming can turn simple designs into truly remarkable builds. This log cabin from reddit user Deterbrian shows how sticking to a theme can create something beautiful. Small can be cozy, and by stacking chests in Valheim players can increase their storage space in their humble abodes.

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Valheim House Design: Recessed Walls

Along with decoration, playing with depth can greatly enhance a home’s design. Turning a flat, boring wall into a work of art can be as simple as adding some wooden planks. Look at how ToastedToast15 turned what would have been a plain longhouse into attention-worthy architecture through this technique.

Valheim House Design: Full Settlement

Once players have a home they’re proud of, it’s time to complete the construction by building up the surrounding area. RaniNamari‘s house is really more of a settlement with how well they’ve filled in their land. Utilizing the area around the house is really the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to great Valheim design. Complete mastery of these techniques can lead to some breathtaking builds, like this version of Skyrim‘s High Hrothgar.

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