Barndominiums: One of 2021’s Biggest Home Design Trends

Barndominiums: One of 2021’s Biggest Home Design Trends

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A few generations ago, farmhouses were commonly designed to accommodate various farm tasks. For example, many houses contained root cellars, where produce was stored to preserve fresh food during the winter months. In some homes, the living space was even located above the barn or shed to allow living and farm activities to take place all in one building. 

This architectural style seems to be making a 21st-century comeback with the rise of barndominiums being built throughout the United States.

What is a Barndominium? 

The word “barndominium” was created from the words “barn” and “condominium,” meaning that it combines the functionality of a barn with the comfort and living space of a typical home. The basic structure is typically large and open, leaving plenty of room for customization to fit you and your family’s needs. Some include a second-floor living space above a first-floor workspace, barn, or garage. Others are single-story buildings with an attached garage or workspace. Modern barndominiums combine practicality with a beautiful aesthetic that has grown in popularity in recent years. 

A Barndominium

The Benefits of A Barndominium

Many factors make a barndominium an appealing choice, especially for individuals and families living rural lifestyles. These are some of the major benefits a barndominium offers:

Steel Framing and Siding 

Many barndominiums are constructed using steel framing and siding. These materials improve energy efficiency by reducing drafts and effectively sealing off the interior of the home. Steel building materials combined with energy-efficient windows and spray foam insulation will improve the climate control of your home while reducing its cost. 


Because barndominiums allow for ample work and living space in the same location, they are a practical choice for farmers, woodworkers, and craftsmen who work from home. This practicality does not sacrifice aesthetics, as the interior can often be easily customized and redesigned to keep up with changing home design trends. 

The Cost To Build A Barndominium

The cost to build a barndominium is highly dependent on the size, type of materials used, the cost of the land on which you plan to build, and the level of customization and interior design to finish the interior of the home. 

However, the cost of an average barndominium is comparable to other homes, and possibly even cheaper when considering barndominiums with fewer customizations and finishes. In 2020, the average cost per square foot ranged from $95 to $125.

A Barndominium

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