Bakersfield cake decorator competes on new baking show

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — “I just had this intention, this idea, of wanting to create something for the community,” said Justin Salinas.

Salinas started his business, Cake It With Justin, a little more than two years ago. He got some friends together in his mom’s kitchen and taught them how to decorate a cake.

“I could just, from that point, see the magic that was starting to unfold. It was this opportunity for people to kind of try something new,” he said.

Now Salinas has over 21,000 followers on Instagram and teaches various baking classes throughout the year.

“When you come to a Cake It With Justin class, it’s about letting your guard down, having fun, maybe having a laugh at yourself at the end of the night and then getting to enjoy your treats,” he said.

Salinas has previously been on Food Network and just a few weeks ago, he was on HBO Max’s new show “Baketopia.”

“When you walk into the Baketopia kitchen, it’s sprinkles and glitter and sparkles and colors, and of course, I mean, the amazing host Rosanna Pansino. I was kind of in heaven,” said Salinas.

In the show’s first challenge, he made galaxy donuts. Then he had to make a geode cake.

“It had this outdoor setting where it was fantasy, Alice In Wonderland style decoration with geode formations inside of it. It was [tiers] of lime green and purple and reds and pinks. Very me,” said Salinas.

He turned out winning $1,000 in the first challenge and says he can’t wait for any and all opportunities coming his way.

“I never say no to anything. When it comes to Cake It With Justin and where I want to take it, I’ve really just been saying yes to anything that comes my way,” said Salinas.

If you’d like to see more of his creations or sign up for a class, click here.