A Pharrell-Approved Hot Sauce and 4 More Home and Design Releases

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: beach towels you won’t want to lose, a product for better laundry days and more.

Jah Mama Hot Sauce

jah mama hot sauce

Simon Chasalow

This hot sauce made me tear up. Not because it was super hot, but because it was just so damn good — OK, its Scotch bonnet peppers did trigger the waterworks. Crafted by music producer Jahphet Landis, also known as Roofeeo, Jah Mama is Landis’ homage to his mother’s pepper sauce. It also happened to get Pharrell William’s nod of approval when he tried it on his Instagram Stories. The hot sauce gets its heat from Scotch bonnet peppers and fresno chilies, which provides a delayed, but lingering, heat. But Jah Mama isn’t just about providing fire — it’s full of flavor, too. To give the sauce its Caribbean flair, Roofeeo added ingredients culantro, shallot and turmeric, which make you want to drink the stuff straight from the bottle. Don’t though, unless you have a jar of Tums near by.

Price: $13


Five Two Fresh Start Laundry Bag

five two fresh start laundry bag


Anything to make laundry day easier is a Gear Patrol-approved purchase in my book. Five Two’s new Fresh Start laundry bag is one of those things. Fresh Start is essentially an extra-long backpack to easily schlep all your dirty clothes and laundry-related essentials to the laundry room. It has a slot to keep your extra laundry money, a pouch to hold your detergent and a drawstring opening for when your bag is overflowing with soiled clothing. Honestly there’s nothing holding you back from using this as an actual backpack since you could probably store a week’s worth of clothing in here for your next getaway,

Price: $59


The Goods Mart x Peter Som Snack Box

the goods mart x peter som snack box

The Goods Mart

Fashion designer Peter Som partnered with The Goods Mart, a high-end NYC-based convenience store, on a snack box consisting of Peatos Crunchy Curls, Zest Thai Mushroom Jerky, Ancient Provisions Cheddar Cheezish Crackers, Good Fish Spicy BBQ Salmon Skin, Union Whole Earth Snacks Pepperoni Crisps, Good Crisps Classic Original, Little Secrets Crispy Wafers and Wholesome Delish Fish. For every purchase, $10 goes to Heart of Dinner, which provides meals to low-income Asian elders in New York City’s Chinatown.

Price: $60


Kin Euphorics Lightwave

kin euphorics lightwave


Kin Euphorics makes non-alcoholic drinks that make you feel good instead of feeling good then crashing the next day with a gnarly hangover. Its new canned drink, Lightwave, is touted as providing a “grounded calm.” Lightwave is a combination of adaptogens, to help destress; nootropics, to boost cognitive function; and botanics, to actually make the drink taste good. It tastes of lavender and vanilla with a bit of smoked seat salt, and it’s equal parts delicious and functional.

Price: $27/four-pack


Brooklinen Beach Towels

brooklinen beach towels


Brooklinen is known for its bedding and bathroom products, but it also has beach towels. Like the brand’s bath towels, the beach towels are just as soft and absorbent. Brooklinen tapped Norway-based artist Isabelle Feliu to design its towels in Daybreak and Moonscape prints, both of which will be easy to spot on a sandy shore.

Price: $65+


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