A modern home with European touches west of Gainesville

“What you focus on, you create.”

The illuminated sign hangs over a floating television as the sole wall decoration in the open living room. Large windows encase the area with natural light, and the white, black, angles and lines give a clean, modern feel that’s inviting all at the same time. This is exactly what owner Daniel McKibbin and his boyfriend, Lorne Rodriguez, are going for.

“The house, from a distance, looks super modern, but when you step in, you see how it’s more comfortable,” Rodriguez said. “It’s not minimalism; the personality comes out in the few things we have. The structure itself is so cool, why fill it with decoration?”

“The house itself is the decoration,” McKibbin added.

A modern home with European touches west of Gainesville

The newly built modern home on West Newberry Road, just east of Tioga, has attracted a lot of attention from architectural aficionados and from regular passersby. Facing that busy road, Gainesville residents had a front-row seat to the home’s construction over many months.

“Several people stop by every week to ask who the builder was,” said McKibbin, who took on a lot of the construction himself. “Maybe someone will make me a good enough offer to move someday, but I’d like to live here for a while because this was a lot of work.”