8 Summer Crafts to Welcome Warm Weather and Boost Creativity

Summer Arts and Crafts to Welcome Warm Weather

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Warmer months are arriving and that means you can look forward to more than just some lazy beach days. Warm weather can lift your mood, and so can crafting according to scientific studies. This summer, find your arts and crafts groove with some DIY projects!

Get ready to be inspired by flowers, watermelons, and beaches—quintessential symbols of summer. Will you recycle pallets or revisit the historic photographic process called cyanotypes? Read on for a curated list of joyful crafts to try this summer.

Scroll down for summer arts and crafts inspiration—get those creative juices flowing as the weather warms up.


Salt Dough Starfish Garland

Starfish Lying on the Beach

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As a kid, did you find dried starfish while foraging along the beach? Mimic this nautical classic with salt dough for a surprisingly realistic “starfish” garland. These simple instructions from Desperate Craftwives uses natural ingredients found in your kitchen to create a beachy, durable decoration.


Floral Cyanotypes to Frame

Sun Print Cyanotype Kit

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Cyanotypes are a historic photographic process. You can buy pre-treated fabric or paper to make your own beautiful, Prussian-blue artwork. Often called sun prints, the easy process involves choosing interesting botanicals and laying them upon the sensitized surface. After exposure to sunlight, a simple rinse finishes the chemical process. For inspiration and more information—including diy kits—read more about cyanotypes on My Modern Met.


Retro ‘70s Crochet Tank Top

Retro 1970s Crochet Tank Top

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With some basic crochet skills, you can skip the trendy stores and make your own retro, 1970s knit tank top. Try a free pattern from For the Frills. There is also this fringed, fun version from Hooked on Homemade Happiness. For an extra retro outfit, you can purchase a vintage pattern download and crochet your own summer playsuit.


Pressed Flower Frames and Phone Cases

Pressed Flower Art and Crafts

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The most joyful harbinger of warmer days are blooming flowers. Gather some wildflowers or buds from your garden and create pressed flowers easily. At its simplest, you only need to place a flower between paper and press under heavy books until dry. There are myriad uses for pressed flowers. You can artfully arrange them in between the panes of a glass frame for an elegant “garden.” To make a pressed flower phone case, head over to Capture by Lucy for step-by-step instructions.


Paint-by-Numbers En Plein Air

Paint BY Numbers Kit

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Impressionist painters such as Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted en plein air (outside). A simple way to get back to nature is to take a paint-by-numbers outside. Sets for both kids and adults can be found at Blick. You can also take your painting to the next level with this pre-marked canvas of the house from the charming movie UP.


Recycled Pallet Rack

DIY Pallet Planter Rack

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Pallet DIYs are all the rage. The ubiquitous wooden palette can be easily transformed into a variety of useful creations. With paint, nails, and tin cans, one can create the adorable above planter system. For an indoor pallet DIY, The Woodgrain Cottage has a set of instructions to make your own reclaimed-wood and silver spoon coat rack. Find decorative silver spoons at your local thrift store or estate sales.


Fruity and Festive Stamped Dish Towels

Stamped Fruit Dishtowels Craft DIY For Summer

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Joann Fabrics offers instructions to guide you through making stamped dish towels. Fruity and flowery, they make the perfect kitchen accent or BBQ accessory. You will need flour sac towels and fabric paint, plus some other craft supplies.


Watermelon Pinwheel

Whether you do this craft with your kids or use them as cute additions to flower pots, these watermelon pinwheels are easy and summery. Kids Craft Room has a helpful video that anyone can follow.


Wherever your summer crafting takes you, may it be warm months full of arts, crafts, and DIY joy!

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