7 tips to remember when remodeling | Home & Garden

We know that home improvement took a big leap at the start of the pandemic, and it is still going strong. According to the website porch.com, about 76{28ab41d673507bfe0daf970418d2e81f9476b3e139564442359ad7402c370b16} of U.S. homeowners did at least one project since last March.

If you’re still in the planning stages of a project, or taking on a second or third, here are seven factors to consider, according to Window World, a window replacement company.

Set a realistic budget, and set aside some extra. Surprises pop up, and you don’t want to revisit projects later because of sub-par work now. Plan on spending an extra 15-20{28ab41d673507bfe0daf970418d2e81f9476b3e139564442359ad7402c370b16} of the total project cost — just in case.

• Don’t be too trendy. You may want what’s “new and now” in your home, but think about resale value. What’s trendy today won’t necessarily be in style five years down the road. Consider classic designs and styles and get advice from a designer.

• Remember the outside. Don’t forget about curb appeal! The outside of your home is the first thing buyers will notice. Spruce up your yard, power wash your house, and replace your siding to boost your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Consider installing vinyl siding, which is energy efficient, deters termites, and resists cracking and surface scratches.

• Remember the garage. According to Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value report, replacing your garage door is one of the best home repair projects when it comes to resale value, with an average of 95{28ab41d673507bfe0daf970418d2e81f9476b3e139564442359ad7402c370b16} of the cost recouped. When it comes to color, white is the most popular and will offer the best resale.