5 Home-Design Trends That Developed During the Pandemic


Why: Open concept sounds great—until you’ve been quarantining at home with your family and really just need your space. Thus ways to create designated home offices, gyms, guest rooms, or kids’ spaces are a hot commodity. The easiest way to achieve those boundaries? This novel concept called “a wall” 

Big and tall

Why: Floodplain regulations are forcing companies to build up. The benefit of this trend is that it offers buyers an opportunity to get into that great neighborhood in a new build on a tighter budget. A lower risk of flooding is a nice perk, too.


Why: Thanks to extra time with HGTV and Pinterest this year, a timeless or historic look is all the rage. Patterned wallpaper is back (and an easy DIY project), as are cute archways, built-ins, and a series of smaller, separated rooms.

Clean systems

Why: Tech that can reduce toxins in our homes has never sounded more appealing than in the midst of a global pandemic. Owners are asking for new-age air conditioners and high-end air-cleaning systems, as well as water filtration systems attached directly at the sink, to boost health at home.

Outdoor entertainment

Why: Last summer when outside was considered “safe” but was also so steamy and hot a pool really started sounding good, right? Patios, decks, and porches are also currently popular additions as open-air gathering places right in your backyard. Buyers are even opting for outdoor spaces instead of tacking on more indoor square footage.