5 Fireplace Decor Items to Make Your Fireplace Beautiful

Fireplaces are such a unique and charming feature of a living room. Whether you have a modern fireplace, wood fireplace, or red brick fireplace, they all can create cozy memories. Not to mention, wood-burning can save you money on energy costs. Even though fireplaces tend to be more popular during the colder months, they are still an evergreen focal point of a home. There are so many fireplace decor ideas you can achieve outside of the seasonal fall mantel and Christmas decorations.

Styling your fireplace mantle is a fun project because you can experiment with natural elements such as paint colors, spacing, balance, and other interior design basics. If you want an eye-catching makeover to your living room, but need some decorating ideas, look no further. Here are five fireplace decor ideas to make your fireplace design unique and beautiful.

Best Fireplace Decor

fire place garland

Eucalyptus greenery brings a natural, fresh look to any living room. If you need any mantel decor ideas, this luscious garland will look beautiful draped over your beautiful mantel. This garland also doubles as a centerpiece on a table. If you want to achieve a farmhouse fireplace look, this garland will blend in super easily with the rest of your farmhouse decor.

It is over 6.5 ft long so that you have plenty of material to work with. I love the realistic look of the leaves and flowers. This will instantly brighten up your living room!

distressed vases

These distressed vases will add a personal touch to your fireplace mantel. Not only are they high-quality and durable, but they are also versatile. You can place these vases in your dining room or family room and still achieve a cohesive, rustic look. I love that you can add your own flowers to the vase. If you are someone who likes to redecorate their house every so often, you can also place these vases on a bookshelf that needs some space filled up.

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fireplace Centerpiece

I love home decor that looks expensive but is still within my budget. This centerpiece is perfect if you want to try out your mantel decorating skills. This centerpiece would also look great as living room decor on a coffee table. You can get super creative and add a runner underneath this piece for a layered, textured look.

candlestick holder

Adding wall art to your living room can certainly bring it to life. But sometimes, you need small, delicate details to bring it all together. This six-piece candleholder mantle decor adds even more charm to your fireplace. When your fireplace is not in use, you can place this inside of your fireplace to achieve that classic fireplace glow. No burning logs necessary!

One of the cool things about this candle holder is that you can swap out the candlesticks. I can see red and green candles being used for Christmas and brown candles being used in the fall.

faux birch logs

Rustic fireplaces are indeed a beautiful part of a living room. In the hotter months when your fireplace isn’t being used, decorative logs can help capture the beauty of your fireplace. They would also be a cute accessory by putting them in a basket and letting them rest against a shiplap wall. There are so many tutorials to draw inspiration from when it comes to faux logs. This would make a great weekend project!