25 Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas Perfect For Date Night, Surprise Parties And More

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, everyone is trying to find new and exciting ways to honor their loved ones. Gifts of flowers and chocolates have become a staple during this holiday, but some still prefer to go the extra mile to show their affection.

A good idea to celebrate this holiday is by surprising your loved ones with a party. After all, how often do we get the chance to show them the lengths of our feelings for them? Whatever theme you have decided on, we listed down some decoration ideas to give you a headstart in the party planning. 

Classic Valentine’s party

A classic Valentine’s Day party is filled with hues of red and pink. It doesn’t matter who the party is for. A design like that will be appreciated by all. Drown in love this season by filling your home with these heart-shaped decors.

1. Valentine’s Day Burlap Banner

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This Valentine’s Day Burlap Banner is a classic decoration that will fit any venue. It has 28 pieces of heart cut-outs made of felt, and it’s pre-assembled so it’s easy to use. No need for any extra art skills. Just hang this up, and you’ll turn your living room into a party. 

2. Valentine’s Day Pillow Covers 

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A great way to transform your living room into a party space is by paying attention to the little details like throw pillows. This set of 18-inch Valentine’s Day Pillow Covers will be an adorable addition to your home.

3. Jetec 24 Pieces Red Heart Wood Slices with Hole Heart Shape Cutouts 

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If you want something a bit more rustic, get these Jetec 24 Pieces Red Heart Wood Slices with Hole Heart Shape Cutouts. This is made of wood, so you know it will last long. What better way to show you love someone than with items that will possibly last as long as your relationship. 

4. Beistle Red Cupid Paper Assorted Silhouettes Decor-6pc

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Besides your S.O., the only other person highlighted on Valentine’s Day is Cupid. Let this Beistle Red Cupid Paper Assorted Silhouettes Decor bring the spirit of St. Valentine himself into your party. 

5. Heart Shaped Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Area Rug

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This elegant Heart Shaped Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Area Rug is an Instagram-worthy piece to include in your Valentine’s party. This will surely be a huge hit among your guests.

Date night surprise

If you want some alone time with your beloved, maybe plan an intimate date night. Take note, a party exclusively for two requires a more personal touch – especially when choosing the decorations.

6. Enchanted Red Rose Life-Sized 13″ LED Beauty and The Beast Rose in Glass Dome 

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The woman you love will surely feel like a princess with this Enchanted Red Rose Life-Sized 13″ LED Beauty and The Beast Rose in Glass Dome that references one of the most beloved fairytales of all-time. Make her feel like the belle of the ball by giving her an enchanting night to remember with this magical rose.

7. Valentine’s Red Heart Balloons Set

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They may not be as romantic as flowers, but they definitely spell out your love for one another. Show your partner some appreciation by filling your room with this Valentine’s Red Heart Balloons Set – Pack of 12.

8. Engagement Velvet Rose Ring Box

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Valentine’s Day also doubles as a good day to profess your undying love for your partner. A ring is one of the greatest and most romantic symbols of that. Check out this Engagement Velvet Rose Ring Box that can keep your promise ring safe until you’re ready.

9. Personalized Star Constellation Map

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A personal favorite, this Personalized Star Constellation Map doubles as a gift and as a part of your decor. Immortalize your love for one another by getting a print of the night sky from an important date. Be it your anniversary or the day you met, your love seems to have been written in the stars. 

10. Artificial Rose Petals

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A good alternative to wasting dozens of roses just to spread on the floor is this WAKISAKI Artificial Rose Petals. Make any evening even more romantic by sprinkling a bunch of these in your venue of choice. 

Singles only

A Valentine’s Party is not exclusively for romantic partners. At times, it is just as important to share this day with our chosen partners-in-crime. Whether it’s a Galentine’s Day celebration or a declaration of your singlehood, any occasion is better with your best friends. 

11. Galentine’s Day Balloon Decoration

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For single girls, Valentine’s Day is also a good excuse to bond with their besties. So, if you’re hosting a Galentine’s party, this Galentine’s Day Balloon Decoration would make a pretty backdrop for your get together.

12. Big Dot of Happiness Be My Galentine Wine Bottle Label Stickers – Set of 4

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Spruce up your bottles of vino with this Be My Galentine Wine Bottle Label Stickers – Set of 4 from Big Dot of Happiness. These stickers are a simple but effective way of starting a conversation.

13. Estilo On Metal Stand with Leak-free Drink Dispenser

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Not exactly a piece of decoration but this Estilo On Metal Stand Beverage Drink Dispenser is a great addition to fulfill the overall theme of your party. This, with a good punch recipe, will certainly encourage guests to come back for seconds — and maybe even thirds!  

14. Cupid is Stupid Decorative Kitchen and Bath Hand Towel

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For any party, the key is in the details. Don’t limit your decorations to the living room. Stay in theme even in the kitchen or bathroom with this Cupid Is Stupid Decorative Kitchen and Bath Hand Towel

15. Love Stinks Latex Balloons (16 pcs) 

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Nerdy Words have outdone themselves in the Anti-Valentine’s Day preparations with this Love Stinks Latex Balloons (16 pcs). Its edgy design is bound to take the focus off any discussions of romantic love.

A love for all ages

Valentine’s Day parties are not exclusively for adults, which is why we also included some decoration ideas appropriate for all ages. Who better to invite to Valentine’s party than children with the biggest and purest hearts. 

16. Paper Picture Frames for 4x6in Photo

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If you like doing D-I-Y designs, this Paper Picture Frames for 4x6in Photo Decor is a good option. Put up pictures of your family and loved ones on display for everyone to see. 

17.  Valentine’s Mini Bubble Maker Wands Circle & Heart 

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Another party favor that will effectively boost the mood of your party is this Valentine’s Mini Bubble Maker Wands Circle & Heart. Not only is it a cute addition to your event, but also a great shared activity.

18. 12 Pcs Heart-Shaped Party Straws Drinking Sipping Straws

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Add personality to your party drinks with these Heart-Shaped Party Straws. These reusable straws are a good way to upgrade any beverage for the day of love. 

19. Valentine’s Day Table Top Collection Candy Bowls

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Besides the usual decor, table toppers like this DII Valentine’s Day Table Top Collection Candy Bowls can also make for a sweet addition to your celebration. Fill it with some heart-shaped chocolate and candy for your guests to munch on. 

20. Red Heart Sequined Cupcake Topper Decoration

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When planning your Valentine’s Day party, don’t forget to add some hints of decor to the food offerings as well. This Red Heart Sequined Cupcake Topper Decoration comes in a pack of 20 pieces so you’d have enough to spread love to all your guests. 

Love knows no gender

If we know anything about love, it is that there are no limits to it. That’s the great thing about Valentine’s day — because it is the celebration of all kinds of love. Incorporate some of these LGBT-themed decorations into your party.

21. Love Neon Sign Lights – 14“ x 5” LED Love Marquee Signs Lamp 

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A single item that can serve as a centerpiece for your party is this Love Neon Sign Lights – 14“ x 5” LED Love Marquee Signs Lamp. With the word “love” donning the colors of the pride flag, one can immediately tell that your party is not just about romance, but inclusivity. 

22. 2-Pack Refrigerator Magnets for Gay Pride

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If you’re feeling a bit extra, why not add a couple of these Magnets for Gay Pride on your refrigerator. A true celebration of love is one that appreciates and welcomes all. 

23. CC Party Co. Rainbow Paper Heart Shape Banner Decoration

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Another fun idea is to put up these CC Party Co. Rainbow Paper Heart Shape Banner Decoration. You don’t need to decorate your place fully with pride flags. These multicolored paper hearts can deliver the message in a subtle but effective way. 

24. Love has no gender Door Sign Plaque

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Sometimes you need to make a bold statement to emphasize your point. This Love Has No Gender Door Sign Plaque does the trick! Hang one of these on your bathroom walls to ensure everyone is reminded. 

25. Peanuts Snoopy and Woodstock Rainbow Pride Fleece Valentine Throw

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It’s always nice when brands make a stand. Especially one that elicits nostalgia in everyone. With some help from the Peanuts gang, you can brighten any corner of your house by adding this Snoopy and Woodstock Rainbow Pride Berkshire Fleece Valentine Throw.