2021 Living Room Trends to Shop Now


Fair warning: They all have a penchant for color.

2021 is here, and with the new year comes fresh living-room trends to revitalize your space. As one of the rooms you’re spending much of your time in—chances are it’s turned into an office, remote-learning, crafting, and lounging hybrid space—versatile design is key. But not solely for getting through the next several months, while school- and work-from-home life subsists. Interior designers are predicting a creative stir among apartment and house dwellers alike. Not to mention a move toward cozier, more colorful, and textured spaces. Minimalism? We no longer know her.

“In larger homes, people will be using more unique furniture layouts to really play into the space and create something dynamic and less predictable,” says Los Angelesbased interior designer Jake Arnold (he counts Chrissy Teigen & John Legend, Dan Levy, and Rashida Jones as clients, among others). “In apartments and smaller spaces, introducing a cozier and less rigid sensibility will be preferred, given how much time people are spending at home,” he adds. Some of the comfortable and livable additions on his list: dimmers, full linen drapery, mohair textiles, and textured walls.

Ahead, keep scrolling for a look at what interior designers say will set the bar for living-room style in 2021, from wall color and furniture trends to decorative accents guaranteed to define your space.