2021 Cherry Interior Design Finishing Tips For Kenyan Homes – Press Release

Cherry Interior is Kenyan’s Leading Interior Design and Finishing Materials supplier since 2000. They have provided the best MDF, Particle and BlockBoards that have brought life to over 60{28ab41d673507bfe0daf970418d2e81f9476b3e139564442359ad7402c370b16} of modern Kenyan Homes. Since then it has won several awards in home decor in the Kenyan market.

2021 Cherry Interior Design Finishing Tips For Kenyan Homes – Press Release

Decorating your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen can quickly become a headache. Unfortunately, the result is not always up to our expectations. It is easy to make mistakes and move away from the desired result. To help you in your process, Cherry Interior has listed the main decorating rules that you should respect in order to make your interior a cozy place where you feel good.

Decoration Rule 1: Color

The choice of colour in a room is paramount. Indeed, there are several important rules to follow. The first is related to color choices. It is first advisable to use only one strong colour in the room. It is of course possible to then use variations of it. Also, you should never marry more than three colors in one room. Adding a fourth color could break the harmony of your interior. Also, even if white is known to enlarge the space, don’t overdo it, at the risk of ending up in a cold room.

Decoration Rule 2: Furniture

Furniture in the different rooms of your home must also follow certain rules. The first is the size of the furniture to be adapted according to the dimensions of the room to be furnished. Furniture that is too large in a small room would tend to shrink. Furniture that is too small in a large room would create a sense of emptiness. Also beware of the number of furniture in the room. Make sure you don’t put too much on, or not enough. It’s up to you to determine what’s best depending on the shape and size of your space.

Decoration Rule 3: Dress walls and floors

Walls and floors should also take part in your decoration and participate in the atmosphere you want to create. So don’t hesitate to dress them up with frames or rugs. A nice bed descent into your room will give it a warm and cozy effect.

Decoration Rule 4: Lighting

Lighting is probably the essential element of your decoration. Indeed, it must be sufficient without being too aggressive. Multiply the lighting sources in your home. Focus on a main source with, for example, a chandelier, suspension or ceiling light. Add one-off lighting such as a reading corner and decorative lighting.

Decoration Rule 5: Too much or overloaded decoration

The last rule to follow is to avoid decorating too much. Indeed, it is absolutely not advisable to decorate your interior using the same style throughout the room or using identical materials and materials. Also avoid overloading.

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