15 Creative And Inviting Transitional Living Room Ideas

If you’re struggling to choose between two design themes, why not choose both? Modern and traditional designs are among the most popular and, although complete opposites, look beautiful when paired together. This is called a transitional décor, which combines these classic looks by incorporating different aspects of both. For example, introducing both antiques and new items in a space help create this look, according to Laura U.

Your living room is a good place to start, as this design can create an inviting space. Moreover, an important factor of transitional design is creating a comfortable area for occupants to relax. You can do this by introducing cozy furniture, a neutral color scheme, high-quality fabrics, a few accessories, and a combination of both feminine and masculine themes. If you’re a fan of either modern, traditional, or both designs, take a look at a few ideas we’ve chosen for you to peruse through.

1. Mix materials

Here, you can see the rest of the home is made to feel more modern as black marble is incorporated into the walls. This is mixed with traditional, tufted seating in the living area and antique-looking décor on the coffee table.

2. Furniture combinations

Transitional design is all about mixing modern and traditional, which is what this room does well. The dresser is of traditional design, as you can see from the curvature of the bottom. However, the table and side chair are more modern, as they are made with straight lines.

3. Keep it simple

In this design, you can see the wooden furniture is more on the traditional side, and the white sofa is more modern with its rippled fabric appearance. The overall look is a mixture of rustic and soft, which creates a comfy look.

4. Cool and warm tones

The modern aspect of this living room is the cement wall behind the fireplace and gray seating. However, the fireplace itself is painted a deep brown to add a touch of warmth, and the traditional aspect is seen in the white coffee table with curved legs.

5. Minimal design

The traditional aspect of this living room can be seen in the seating arrangement. The modern aspect has been kept minimal, with the oval-shaped table giving the space a unique feature.

6. Pops of color

The furniture of the sectional is on the traditional side, while the style and shade choice of the side chairs is definitely more modern. They both have comfy designs, and the color combo is simple yet beautiful, making this a harmonious design.

7. Lighting

Never forget about the power of light fixtures. The furniture style here is traditional, but the golden lamp and wall sconces scream modern, giving this space an updated look.

8. A beautiful combo

This transitional design here is a beautiful combination of standard materials, such as the wooden fireplace mantle, as well as modern shapes, such as the circular chandelier.

9. Vintage touches are a must

Here, the cool-toned color palette circulates around the vintage rug. The straight, modern lines of the seating is paired beautifully with the dark coffee table, which also complements the traditional bookshelf. 

10. Neutral color palette

The décor pieces and fireplace wall are more on the modern side, as they add a higher level of interest. The curved furniture is definitely more traditional, but the neutral color palette is what really balances this space out.

11. Add plants

If you feel like your modern color scheme may be getting too cool, you can warm a space up and make it feel more traditional with some green plants. This will also add another element of texture to avoid too many smooth surfaces.

12. Subtle attributes

When creating a transitional design, your modern and traditional aspects don’t have to be super contrasting. In fact, you want them to blend. For example, this living room is definitely more traditional, but you can find modern aspects, such as minimal art over the fireplace.

13. Incorporate pattern for contrast

This classical living space is turned towards a transitional aspect through a bright pop of pattern. The tiger-patterned stools contrast the rest of the furniture nicely, and the art behind the sofa is more on the modern side.

14. Window treatments

The furniture is modern in this living room, as it introduces more straight lines in the space. However, the traditional aspect is seen in the window treatment; both the roman shades and drapery are aspects of traditional design.

15. Artwork

As you design your living room, you may notice it may lean more toward traditional or modern. To balance this out, you can add artwork. Here, the furniture style is very traditional, but the modern aspect was brought out through the artwork on the walls and the vases and table lamps.