14 Earth Day Crafts For Kids In 2021

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the beauty of our planet on April 22, Earth day crafts are an easy way to get kids in on the action and get their creativity flowing.

I remember when my third grade teacher assigned our class to fill a paper grocery bag with a variety of recyclables to bring to school for an Earth Day art project. We all ended up bringing different materials and had fun swapping with one another to make whatever our imaginations revealed. (I made a rocket ship out of a 2-liter soda bottle, in case you were wondering.) The lesson that it was possible to take something I would have normally thrown away and turn it into something beautiful, fun, or useful really stuck with me.

Teaching your kids about conservation efforts doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. In fact, it can be as simple as collecting your recyclables to turn into fun crafts. Especially if you don’t use or have access to a curbside pick-up recycling service at your home, turning some of your trash into treasures through crafting is an easy way to reduce the load you have to haul to a recycling center. Take a look at these Earth Day crafts and see which projects you and your kids could enjoy while also helping the planet.


Juice Can Lid Garland

This charming project from 30 Minute Crafts uses the lids from frozen juice concentrate containers to create a colorful garland. Paint a blue and green version for Earth Day to string up across the mantle, or choose colors that complement your child’s bedroom so that they can use their craft as a new room decoration.


Bird Feeder Bottles

This celebratory craft not only helps the planet by recycling a plastic bottle, but it helps feed one of Earth’s loveliest creatures. Is there anything more magical than watching a bird fly? Enjoy more bird watching when you make this bird feeder craft from Aunt Peaches.


DIY Flower Crown

Help your kids connect to the earth by using flowers to create this DIY flower crown from blogger Julie Blanner. This particular tutorial uses fresh-cut rose blooms, but you can also collect flowers and plants on a nature walk or from your own garden that will work just as well.


Upcycled Cereal Box Envelope

This cereal box envelope project from Creative Green Living is a fun way for your kids to get creative on Earth Day and then also engage in the good, old-fashioned art of correspondence. They can write a note to a teacher, a friend, a family member, or anyone else they want to and send it in their upcycled envelope.


Paper Sack Grass Crowns

Especially when you have younger kids, sometimes the simplest projects are the best ones for getting them involved on a holiday like Earth Day. Use scissors to snip “blades” of grass into a paper sack crown from Delia Creates that little ones can wear to celebrate.


Recycled Bottle Cap Jewelry

Get fancy with your Earth Day crafting and make recycled bottle cap jewelry using this tutorial from the Rosyscription blog. These glittery pendants can be attached to old bracelets, necklaces, or simply affixed to string using a strong adhesive. Perfect for wearing on Earth Day, or any day you and your kids want to show off your upcycled crafting skills.


Cereal Box Desk Organizer

Using empty cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls, you and your kids can put together a nifty desk organizer using this tutorial from the Mod Podge Rocks blog. Another way to make this project even more of an upcycled craft is to use leftover wrapping paper to cover your boxes.


Stained Glass Planet Earth

Although this particular craft doesn’t use recycled materials, it’s still fun for younger kids who can cut or rip up the tissue paper and glue it to wax paper to create a stained glass Earth from Mom On Timeout. This is a great craft to add to a day full of reading out the planet, watching kid-friendly documentaries about the environment, and enjoying being outdoors in nature.


Flour Pounding Art

If you’ve never tried to make flour pounding artwork before, this tutorial from the blog Pink Stripey Socks is an easy one to follow. This isn’t so much a craft, per se, but it’s creating a work of art using materials found in nature, so it totally counts as an Earth Day project.


Recycled Cardboard Sun

This cardboard sun craft project from The House That Lars built is a great way to make use of any large boxes you might need to recycle, like from a new refrigerator or something similar. You can also use up all of those Amazon delivery boxes you’ve got lying around, too!


Natural Dye Shirts

Help your kids find beauty in nature when you make these natural dye shirts from The Merry Thought using berries. It’s definitely a messy project, but it’s the perfect way to use up a batch of blackberries or blueberries that maybe got buried in the back of your fridge for a week too long.


Egg Carton Monsters

Instead of throwing out your used egg cartons, you can recycle them into a fun toy for your kiddos. This tutorial from the blog This Grandma Is Fun shows you step-by-step how to create miniature monster characters from egg cartons that your kids can play with.


Rock Painting

It’s hard to find a simpler project than rock painting to celebrate Earth Day. All you truly need is some paint and some garden rocks. The smooth ones work best, and if you want your creation to last, you’ll need to seal it in some way, but it’s a pretty simple craft to accomplish. This tutorial from Mod Podge Rocks has plenty of ideas for inspiration.


Recycled Jar Ladybug Catcher

What better way is there to celebrate Earth Day than to see part of nature up close? The Creative Green Living Blog shows you step-by-step how to transform a recycled glass jar into a decorated ladybug catcher. Use it to examine ladybugs and any other critter that may wander in.