10 Room Recipes You Should Use As Soon As Possible

Taking the Dragon Quest series and transforming it into a block building title, fans of the franchise can now create their own cities and design the ambiance around some of the characters they love.

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When it gets down to the gameplay, the rooms are where players are going to spend most of the time. They also provide a wide array of lifestyle upgrades that make playing through the challenges that much easier. From taking a well-earned nap to performing magic, it’s hard to find something that the right room recipe can’t help with.

10 Master Bedroom

Dragonquest Builder 2

One of the first things players want to do is secure a bedroom, especially one that can be reserved so the NPC’s don’t get their first. While most players will start off with some lodging for the group, that will quickly get old unless players take on some big projects quickly.

As soon as a private room gets built, players will have some space and can add a personal touch. The Master bedroom is a step up from the basic setup and grants a lot more freedom along the way.

9 Well Stocked Bar

Dragonquest Builder 2 room

Part of the charm of the game is the community of NPCs that get helped out along the way, supporting the character every time they finish a new project. While building up cities and chasing achievements is the best part of the game, sometimes a good break is what everyone needs.

While it doesn’t provide some of the practical effects that the other rooms do, the Bar breathes a little extra life into the town’s day and brings the small town together.

8 Builder’s Workshop

dragon quest builder 2 room

The Builder’s Workshop is the last in the line of general workspaces, providing the materials that will affect gameplay the most directly. While the rest provide specific items like the Dyeworks or Potable Plant, the Armorer’s Workshop is the only one that comes close.

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Even though the soldiers need to be armored, there’s plenty of time to build up the cavalry. The Builder’s Workshop will give players a boost as soon as they make it, even having a medicinal mortar to keep the inventory stacked as long as players keep the ingredients piled up.

7 Wizard’s Workshop

dragon quest builder 2, room

While the ingredients won’t be as easy to come by, the Wizard’s Workshop lets NPCs meditate and show gratitude when they’re not helping out by making items. Most of the time they end up speeding up whatever the player decides to make in the shop, giving over some of the coolest items in the game.

The sooner it’s out of the way the better, preventing players from leaving a not-so-obvious upgrade until it absolutely needs to be built. The passive effects will come in handy and make things run a little smoother which is always worth the quick effort.

6 Changing Room

Dragon quest Builder 2

The Changing Room lets all the NPCs change out and upgrade their gear so they can ultimately be more helpful in combat situations. Most players in the early game won’t realize the benefits until they’re left alone with a magical enemy and no backup.

As soon as players start to come up against increasingly difficult monsters, the weak gear of the NPCs will be more and more noticeable. The bigger the room and the more gear that gets put in, the more numbers can help out in battle.

5 Simple Kitchen

Dragon Quest Builder 2

One of the kitchens that can be made, the Simple Kitchen also has the gear and space to cook in. Letting the chefs create higher levels of food that will fill the character up faster, there won’t be any hunger while the kitchen is running.

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A kitchen with multiple bonfires and frying pans, letting the food roll out faster and more ingredients to be used. It also opens up the opportunity for a restaurant when a dining room is attached to the side.

4 Dining Room

Dragonquest Builder 2, room

With at least four tables to be filled up, the more ambitious players get with the room, the more business that will be drawn in when it’s attached to a kitchen. The Dining Room feeds the NPCs, serving as a place where everyone can eat better food without having to wait in line.

The Dining Room takes away one of the most important worries while in the base and making the whole process a lot easier. This is often one of the first things players build and for good reason.

3 Item Shop

dragonquest builder 2

One of the biggest parts of the game will be exploring the area and gathering materials and items that come in handy along the way. This will inevitably mean that players will have a lot of excess goods; luckily, that’s where the Item Shop comes into play.

The Item Shop gives adventurers a place to sell off whatever won’t be used and make some money from the community. This room is crucial in all stages of the game and makes sure players don’t end up with a bloated inventory.

2 Reception Room

Dragon Quest BUilder 2, room

The key to starting up a hotel is to build a Reception Room next to at least one bedroom, drawing in business from the jump. Especially when it has only got five requirements, this should be a quick project that players can build up from as they progress.

It’s also a good place to start flexing the custom decoration skills outside of the main bedroom, as this area is the first room characters will see when they want to use the hotel.

1 Animal House

dragonquest Builder 2 room

The first step to starting a giant petting zoo and keeping any animals that need help happy, the Animal House is an important piece of the puzzle. Starting off small, it becomes a great place to keep pets and breed a couple as players get started.

As the Animal House grows and players get more comfortable, they should add a Playful Park to turn the place into a Petting Zoo. This will make both the NPCs and animals happier as a result.

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