10 boho bedroom ideas to inspire an eclectic makeover

Boho bedrooms fill up our Instagram and Pinterest like no other style. We see more rattan headboards and Berber rugs than we do Scandi-style interiors nowadays and we get it, it’s such a cozy, inviting look that’s perfect for bedrooms. Plus, boho style can have so many different variants from a neutral, minimalist look with plenty of textures to a colorful vintage-inspired space that maximalists will love. We’ve covered them all here, plus some tips on how to recreate the style in your current space. 

So just keep scrolling to get inspired to create the eclectic boho bedroom of your Pinterest dreams, and check more bedroom ideas in our huge gallery. 

1. Pick a boho-approved color scheme

Blue and cream bedroom with patterned rug

(Image credit: Ikea)

Now, when it comes to picking a color scheme for a boho bedroom you have plenty of options. But when it comes to color, we have found there are two quite different schools of boho. You have very neutral spaces – white-washed walls, wooden floors, beige linen bedding and subtly printed textiles, like the space you see above. Then there’s the more… eclectic boho, loads of mismatching prints, colorful walls, there are still piles of texture but they come in the form of bright shag throw pillows.